Monday, 18 October 2010

4 Simple Steps to Feeling Good

There is so much for our bodies to do and so little for us to give it in return for it to function properly. If any one of our systems suffer, then our bodies behave like machines – they compensate!  The knock on effect of one system suffering is that it will take from another – it won’t simply fail, but will try to continue taking from other resources. The chain effect of this compensation, gives us many warnings before we will eventually fail – unless we listen to our bodies, they will fail!  Aches, pains, dizziness, breathlessness, confusion, swelling, tiredness – all symptoms of stress in our bodies
You don’t have to be a fitness fanatic or be a dietician to feel in tip top condition. If you want to feel better physically, mentally and keep stress levels to an all time low, follow these simple steps:
Drink lots of it a little at a time: Drink water ever 2-3 hours throughout the day.
Water is the fuel for life. It saturates the cells in our bodies that need the energy it gives to work properly. Cells not only in our limbs, organs, our brain, but cells that flow through and cleanse our blood and all of our bodies systems (digestive, respiratory, nervous, reproductive, muscular, skeletal, circulatory, endocrine, lymphatic, immune).  That’s a lot for our bodies to do without water.
A well balanced diet gives the body the fuel and bulk that it needs to allow it to function properly.
Eat from all of the food groups: carbohydrates, protein, fat, fibre and eat foods that contain minerals and are high in vitamins. Fresh food is best and eating small meals regularly is better than binging and missing meals.
Food makes you feel good – it tastes great!  Eat well, but eat sensibly.
Exercise is necessary not just to keep fit, but to allow your body to continue to grow strong and keep moving smoothly. Even when you have reached your fully grown size, your body is replacing bone and muscles all of your life – so long as you are moving, your body is giving you what you need (if you are eating well).  Walking is an easy way to stay mobile and strong.

The added benefits are that you keep your stress level lower by walking and help to keep your lymphatic system (body defence and cleansing system) in tip top condition – movement and massage stimulate the lymphatic system to work properly!

Breathe Well
Take the time to breathe. This sounds silly, we are always breathing. But are we breathing well. Taking breath into our mouths is simply not enough – we need to inhale lots of oxygen into our lungs and right into the cells of our bodies to work ‘very’ well.  Deep breathing prevents stress and anxiety and helps us to relax and our bodies work more effectively. Taking the time to breathe well and relax (even meditate) should not be a luxury – you owe it to yourself to feel this good!


  1. And now without stating the obvious - combining all of the above is fairly easy and works a lot better than we give it credit for.

  2. Take a walk – have a drink of water before you go and take a small bottle with you (drink as you go to keep your muscles, bones and energy levels maintained). Walking is light exercise, keeps you supple, is enjoyable and therefore relaxing and encourages good deep breathing. So take in nice deep breaths to keep the walk manageable and your oxygen levels high. Take a small snack like a banana, to keep your energy levels super high and to kerb sugar craving as you go. Water, deep breathing and a banana are infinitely better than any energy drink and your body won’t ‘waste’ energy trying to deal with the additional toxins or the sugar debt (it takes more energy to deal with sugar drinks than the energy you get – so you tend to want more .... and so on).
    None of these things are difficult and all of it is understandable. So, in essence, ‘you are in control’ of your wellbeing – and it is achievable!