Monday, 18 October 2010

Tall or Grande

There's little to beat it ......

Time Out with freshly ground and filtered coffee.  The bean gives comfort that few other drinks can offer and wow wow wipperdy doo dah it's also a trend that is suited to all walks of life (student, business, ladies that do lunch and Mums on a moment - of bliss), so you will feel at one with the world around you.

Take your coffee where you can take more than 5 - somewhere where you can either switch off or watch the world go by .... God only knows you have earned it!

Costa, Starbucks, Seattle's Best - doesn't matter who is serving it, as long as it comes tall, grande, with or without the chocolate topping, preferably 'with' the monster chocolate muffin, caramel square or cheescake and definitely with a squashy comfy seat and time to relax and enjoy every last sip.

I so miss Borders in the UK and getting to read a book (after choosing it of the shelf). How I long for the Transatlantic flights that we (fortunately) make at least once a year and to sit and read and drink Seattles Best or Starbucks there - but do not despair ......... Even a book chosen from the shelf at home or in the aisles at Sainsbury's en-route (or a moment stolen while doing the weekendfood shop in the books/mags aisle) will hold until you find that moment to unwind.

You know you don't do it enough and you sure as hell know you deserve it - so when you next have an hour or two (child(ren) at nursery or school or with the in-laws) - resist the urge to head back to the ironing, meal preparation (cook and freeze batches works well), hoovering or the overlooked garden ........ turn right instead of left today and head for the out of town retail unit that homes your favourite coffee brand or up town coffee shop that is far from a few famous named children's brand clothing stores (you know that when you see them, you drop all inclinations to please yourself and provide for them instead).
The counter is like the alter to all good Mummy Time Out moments and has all that you need to de-stress, unwind, take more than 5 and feel re-charged for whatever lies ahead.  Repeat visits advised - often!

Note:  Try not to sample all of the gooey, sticky chocolate treats on offer all at once.



  1. Nice post, pickle. One transatlantic flight a year? Are you kidding me?

  2. You are right Rob (as usual) it would me more correct to say 2 (known to be 3). But hey, how can you love something so much and not want to keep doing it. Time out is in this case more than coffee and cake - it's a beautiful continent and contains two of the most scenic places on Earth for me: Canada - British Columbia & Alberta and the US West Coast - California, Washington, Arizona, Utah, Nevada. then ther's the excitement and atmosphere of New York City and Boston. Washington D.C. is about to share it's glory for me soon :o)

  3. Now you are bloody showing off.

  4. Well you pushed me to :o) I'm sure you agree with me anyway.

    Tall or grande? Latte or Cappuccino?