Monday, 18 October 2010

Problems are like water – so don’t try and stop the flow

Many times in our lives we are faced with things that overwhelm us, that we feel are difficult to deal with, seem impossible to achieve. So, we spend what seems a lifetime trying to prevent them happening only to have them come back at us later – bigger than before! We try to change things – only to find it just gets more complicated and harder to understand!

We are looking at them as obstacles to climb instead of accepting that some things cannot be achieved, given our limitations or cannot be changed, they are what they are!

Some things just cannot be stopped – like water!
Water finds a way – always running, seeping through or rising over, where there are barriers. Let water flow – let it find a way! Let the things we cannot change remain – step aside, walk away, admit to yourself, to others that you simply can’t do it!

We can’t stop water – we can build dams, but we have to allow some water to seep through (controlled) or it will break through and cause devastating effects.

We can’t stop the flow of water – we can build bridges to cross it or boats to travel along the path it makes.

Solving a problem does not involve changing the materials you have been given – but using them to your advantage ....thinking it through, adding to your resources, asking for help!

Life is full of things we cannot change and we wear ourselves down trying too, trying to achieve things we can’t and not asking for support.

Look at life’s problems and challenges like you look at water – work with it, not against it. Understand it, respect it and try to look at things differently to try and achieve what you need to.

See problems with a positive perspective – have a positive outcome (how can I make this work? What strengths does this problem have? ) Just because it seems to be beating you, doesn’t mean it hasn’t got positive aspects. Some things cannot be changed – but how you look at it, see it and how you deal with it can change everything!

Remember, you can’t stop the flow of problems – like you can’t stop the flow of water. Don’t stop them – manage them: work them out; delegate; ask; - achieve!

If they can’t be achieved – accept this – move on!  You will have tried, learned something, but don’t let it drag you under – 
let it flow ......... (away)!

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